Sunday, January 01, 2017

All About Nick's Girls! *No Spoilers*

So I want to start by saying I have been one of the biggest Bachelor/ Bachelorette fans for as far back as Season 1 (Yup that totally ages me) and I love to talk so I thought it would be fun for this go around to chat about Nick's Season as I feel like he's been on the show so much we all kind of know him! This is Nick's fourth time at finding love, so you can't even say "Third Times a Charm"!

Let's just take a moment of silence for how hot he looks in this photo! Like really hot!

In this post, we are going to round out his girls, and I'll tell you who my favourites are to take his heart!

I'm not going to lie going through the constants this year I was pleasantly surprised by all the ethnic diversity I saw. WAY TO GO ABC! I think some of that had to do with the Caila Quinn scandals of the past, but I'm very happy to see it none the less. Now if they could only find some girls who weren't under a size 6 I'd be super impressed!

Ok onto the girls:

This girl is a hot mess, and I don't know if ABC did that on purpose or not. First off she's Aspiring to be a Dolphin Trainer, wait did you read that right, so she currently either has no occupation worth stating or she doesn't have one at all. WHAT? As for her outfit, It sure hope they pulled this and she didn't select it herself, that would make me feel better about it. The top doesn't flatter her body type at all, the pants make her legs look oddly shaped and the boots, I can't, I really can't!

Her smile is to DIE for, in fact, after so many seasons I feel like smiles have kind of become my thing and this girl's lights pop the room! I love her outfit choice for this photo and that she took away from all her neck/chest area by putting on a cute necklace, it works! I feel like this season seems to have a dolphin theme and I feel like that totally came out of left field, and she's a model, so to be clear she's not the most original girl to ever appear on the Bachelor, but I do really like her!

So when I first saw her photo, my initial first thought was she looks really sweet and kind of pulls you in but her name for me is a turn-off. Just my opinion, don't kill me over it! Her fashion choices also leave me with some questions. When I look directly at the photo, I feel like I see a lot of skin, legs, tummy and chest and in this case I feel like less is more could have been applied. In her "BIO" she says her lashes are something she can't live without (I think people need to take a step back and remember that ABC gets's them to say odd or funny things to help build their character!) but I can also understand how important lashes are to a girl!

Another Dolphin fan, I told you guys it feels like a theme this year. I feel like we are kindred spirits in the sense that I also always wanted to be Ariel from the little mermaid when I was growing up because her hair colour is rocking! I feel like they are playing her up to be the sweet, good girl, from a small town. And she looks that part well, I have a feeling she's going to show us some water works this season, just a hunch. 

I know it's stereotypical of me to say this, but girls named Brittany who go on reality TV always make me worry they are total train wrecks. And again if ABC is helping to "cast" these girls into roles by dressing them they picked the right outfit for this girl. I was talking with some girlfriends and one of them pointed out her top isn't really a crop top, she's rolled it up! You're telling me this girl didn't own a single real crop top, and no one could go buy one? Come on! Add to that the fact that it looks like a sports top, with kinda ripped pants (I say kinda because whoever designed these pants did a bad job, you'll see what I mean later in this post) and FRINGE boots. P.S totally not bashing the fringe, I love a good fringe boot. However, you can't even see them in this photo and if you could this is not the outfit for them! 

A way better example of what a "ripped" pant should look like, BRITTANY TAKE NOTE! While I think she seems okay, I think that's the problem. No matter how much I look at her photo she appears to blend into the background, not a good thing for reality TV, I guess we will see more what she is like as the season moves forward. Also just want to add that she said out loud that she want's to break into the White House, while I love that at least she's smart and wants to know how things work, talking about breaking into the most famous building in the USA is probably not the best way to introduce yourself. And I feel like at some point the person who gave her this hair style for this photo was just mean! 

Her outfit is everything, she shows the right amount of skin, class it up with some heels and simple necklace and rocks that side pose. You can tell by looking at her that she's confident but not cocky and I love it! I love this girl so much already! Also, that mega-watt smile is for sure doing to catch Nick's attention, but it also has a hidden "Bring it on Girls" quality to it. This should get interesting! 

Danielle L.:
First I love her side pose and cheeky smile, she seems like she's going to be trouble, but I think it's going to be a fun kinda of trouble. She has two butterfly tattoos, and that's awesome because I have one, TWINS! Plus her outfit is not over the top but still has that pop to it, I think she's a good one!

Danielle M.:
I hate when there are two girls with that same name on a season, but I feel like they do it on purpose. So the rose ceremony is more exciting because you have to wait for him to say the first initial of their last name before you know who he's talking about. I love her movie and book choices, and my heart breaks for her over the loss of her fiancĂ©, I just wonder if they are going to try to turn that into a "She's not completely healed" story line, I hope not! 

Her BIO totally gave me life and if you haven't read it, you should! I love her outfit, and the color is beautiful on her! Her smile is amazing, and I'm hoping she's a front runner, but I don't think she is. 

Love that she has some curves, no stick figure here, thank the lord! However, the ruffle top one rate boobs aren't flattering, and I think she could have chosen a better top. I do however love her smile, but her comments about her killing people and how she would be happy if she never had to in her Bio just put me off. 

This one is from my hometown of Vancouver so I should love her but something about her face reminds me of the Twins from Ben's season, and I didn't like them. Don't hate me, I just didn't! I at least hope she behaves and makes Vancouver proud, unlike a previous male constant from Vancouver who was a total idiot! 

Isa Marie:
She's going to be this season's dumb girl, I can tell by her bio. They asked her about what her favourite book is her response was "I need to read more books" and then they asked about her favourite authors and again the same response. I'm not even going to talk about the outfit, I'll just say this, they found the smallest piece of fabric they could to cover her top, and that's just not flattering.

I love that this girl has been driven in her career and has done some big things as a Chef, GO GIRL! I also love her dress and find her super classy. The only downside that one of my friends brought up last night ion our chat was that her hair colour matches her skin tone! Anyone else sees that? 

Jasmine G.:
Another double name, Noooooo! I love that she loves Olivia Pope but feel like they want that to make her more relatable, and I feel like OP has been kinda overdone in 2016. However, her three lunch choices are fantastic, and she would order PIZZA! A girl after my own heart! 

Jasmine B.:
Her bio made me laugh as a fellow short girl who also tells everyone that she's 5'2 and a half! That half matters to us, trust me. I love her smile, and she seems super laid back but the shoes, why oh why would you pair chunky brown heels with that fabulous dress. So not ok! 

If I had a lot of money and could only bet on one horse to destroy the whole show, this would be the one. I know basing this on a photo alone is so judgemental but really, look at this picture and tell me you didn't immediately jump to that thought as well? She also looks like she dancing a gig and is unemployed and put that on her BIO, put that your studying or something, be interesting! 

I want to start by saying I think there may be some issues in this girl's past. She's a stunner for sure, but I think the fact that there are so many past issues she apparently still hasn't dealt with may be off-putting to our guy Nick. However, those of us with the worst past issues always seem to be the best catches, not speaking about anyone I know or anything! LOL

I have a good friend named Lacey and whenever I think of that name I think of grace, style and beauty. This girl checks two of those boxes for sure. The heart-shaped neckline and huge black boots are just so not following with the rest of the outfit! Someone get this girl a stylist, PLEASE!

WAIT! Another blonde bombshell named Lauren, where does ABC find all these girls! First off this one is a Law School Graduate, that's a step in the right direction. But she's also a dolphin lover, a stance that so many of these girls LOVE dolphins. I love her laid back casual style dressed up with a side of classy brown gladiator heels. This outfit is giving me life. 

Another name that holds a very high standard for me because of a friend in my life with this name, who may or may not have also been on this show, but I digress! She's confident and classy and owns her own food truck. The way to a guys heart is through his mouth, maybe that's where Andi and Kaitlyn went wrong with Nick! 

Does anyone else feel like this name is forever funnier in the Bachelor franchise, even though she turned out to be the least crazy of all? This girl played on her high school football team, anyone else thinks that's totally bad ass, I DO! And because of that I'll forgive her the name, not her fault and that fact that she looks a lot like the previously mentioned Caila, her parents are responsible for both of those things. 

Sidestepping into another Reality Show, did you know that Rachel Riley was my favorite ever constant on Big Brother, like EVER! So I love this girl off the bat! Add to that that she is an Attorney, which is a career path I always wanted to have, I love to argue and think I'd be pretty good at it. And that if she could be anyone for a day she would be the current first lady Michelle Obama, I really want this one to go far! 

HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THIS! The casting directors of this show are the genius, like the total genius. This girl is Andi and Kaitlyn combined. No joke look at her face, it's like they took the two other girls and smashed their faces together. I think she's going to be a front runner based on that alone! Also, can we just talk about the fact that she's pulling off Silver Sparkly heels, you go girl! 

This girl seems like she's lost and the show hasn't started. The grade school teacher looks the part, sweet and down to earth and I love that about her. Nick needs a girl to keep her grounded, but bad boys never go for the good girls! I love the jeans, minus as my friend pointed out the top horizontal stripes that make her thighs look wider than they are, not cute!

Let's start with she lists Forever 21 as her favourite designer, does she know that Forever 21 doesn't design anything? They buy clothes from original designers and then sell them for way more money then they are worth in their store. True Talk! And honestly, with that, I think I've said it all! 

Another Ariel lover? How is this possible. I will say this and it may upset some people but she has a thigh gap, and her legs are crossed over each other. Either this girl loves the gym or lives to make a woman like me feel like no matter how hard we try we will never live up to this standard. I'm trying so hard not to hate her based on that but I can't. I just can't. I do however love everything about her outfit, EVERYTHING!

First I feel at 29 she's the right age for him, she has a job, a real amazing one at that helping Special Needs students. And she's CANADIAN! Her smile screams that you want to be near her get to know her, be her friend, love her. YES! Her smile says all of that. She also lists her personality as her three best attributes. WINNER and if Nick doesn't pick her she had better be the next Bachelorette! Also, note to BRITTANY, this is how you wear ripped JEANS!

Last but not least is this Pilates instructor who clearly needs to get out and enjoy the theater more! She does seem to genuinely enjoy the movie, that's a plus. And loves her black on black on black and it suits her well. She also looks tall as heck, look at those legs! 

There you have it, my all 30 woman round up. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

TOO FACED Palette Collection!

Hey Everyone!

So today I want to walk you through my Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette collection. I don't own them all but the ones I do I really love! All Too Faced shadows are pigmented and easy to blend, some are more powdery then others but nothing that can't be worked with. I recommend any of the ones I talk about below and if you have any others that are must haves for you let me know in the comments, I'd love to try them out! 

Let's start with the Country palette which has become one of my most used. The colours in this palette work beautifully together to create so many beautiful and fun eye looks. You can do everything with this palette from a complete everyday natural look to a fun pop of colour using the blue and purple shades. I also love the names of the shadows in this Palette, the larger three shades are named after amazing female country singers most famous songs and then you have the classic country names like Dolly, Y'all and of course the Bluebird.

The details on the front of this palette are so cute, from the rope in heart shapes to the pink colouring. 

The inside showing all the shades.

Swatches Right to Left: Cowboy Take Me Away (Matte), 
Famous in a Small Town (Shimmer), and
All American Girl (Metallic)

Swatches Top to Bottom: Paper Roses (Shimmer), 
Dolly (Glitter Flecks), and Y'all (Metallic)

Swatches Top to Bottom: Bluebird (Glitter Flecks), 
Nashville (Metallic), and Rhinestone (Shimmer)

Next up we have the A La Mode palette, which was a summer launch and the colours inside are summer favourites of mine for sure! This palette has a stunning Pink and Copper eyeshadow shade that are two of my must have eyeshadows of all time.

As always Too Faced delivered on the packaging. I love the blend of pink and orange, 
with the pop of blue. So Pretty! 

As you can see right off the top the inside of this palette really pops. So many bright colours to work with and so many beautiful colours stand out! 

Swatches Top to Bottom: St. Tropez (Glitter Flecks), 
Riviera (Satin), and La Croisette (Metallic)

Swatches Top to Bottom: Jardin (Shimmer),
Soleil (Shimmer), and Cannes (Shimmer).

Swatches Top to Bottom: De La Mer (Matte), 
Monaco (Satin), and Cote d'Azur (Metallic).

Onto the Boudoir Eyes palette, which is the perfect palette for anyone who likes sexy and smokey eyes! This palette has some gorgeous natural shades but throws in a amazing Taupe, a matte Grey and a beautiful almost Black with gold shimmer colour! 

The packaging literally looks like a tufted head board and I have always wanted one of those. 
This palettes packaging for me is the classiest of all the ones I own!

As you can see the Taupe colour, Lap Dance, is by far my favourite in this palette and has a nice sized dent in it. Did I also say that the names on all these colours are beyond amazing. Garter Belt, Lap Dance, Fuzzy Handcuffs........

Swatches Top to Bottom: Birthday Suit (Satin), 
Satin Sheets (Metallic), and In The Buff (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Sugar Walls (Satin), 
 Voulez-Vous (Satin), and Fuzzy Handcuffs (which is a very hard to see peachy Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: French Tickler (Glitter), 
Lap Dance (Metallic), and Garter Belt (Matte).

Onto the Natural Eyes palette, which is the most everyday wearable palette for the average person. I find the colours in this one to almost all be in the Brown toned family, don't get me wrong some of my most beautiful looks using this palette. I love the Gold and the Rose Gold, hands down my two favourite eyeshadows of all time. 

This packaging always makes me think Romance, from the soft colours to the roses! 

I love the layout of this palette, it has 4 matte shades and 5 shimmer/satin shades 
and all of them work really well together. 

Swatches Top to Bottom: Nudie (Matte),
Silk Teddy (Satin) and Heaven (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Push Up (Satin),
Honey Pot (Satin) and Cashmere Bunny (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Sexspresso (Matte)
Chocolate Martini (Glitter) and Erotica (Satin).

The Romantic Eye palette is the only original packaging Too Faced palette I have. It's not the tin, it's made of cardboard but it's held up over a long time. This one also has the most unique colours in it. 

Like I said, interesting colour mix right? The green gold, the deep purple, 
the matte grey. Separate they don't look like much, but create a look with 
them and you feel different!

Swatches Top to Bottom: Bouquet Toss (Matte),
Kiss the Bride (Matte) and Soulmates (Glitter).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Honeymoon (Glitter),
Un-Veil (Matte) and I Do (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Ever After (Satin), 
Honeymoon (Satin), and First Dance (Matte).

As you can see I have almost all the Too Faced palettes and I even have a few more then this but got them after I posted this. If you would like me to do full reviews and swatches of the other ones feel free to let me know in the comments. 

Too Faced palettes are some of the best quality eyeshadows you can get. They lay out great colour combinations and make it easy for the beginner in makeup but also give so many colour choices that even us makeup pros can have a lot of fun with their palettes. 

Final thoughts if you don't own at least one of these, you need to!