Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glossy Box - August

Hey Everyone!

 Back to back Glossy Box Postings, who's excited?

So because it took so long to get my July Glossy Box I ended up getting my August box before it but wanted to wait to post the review on it. We got 5 samples in this box and two bonus items. 3 of the products were full sized!

1. Sebastian Potion 9 Lite
This says it is suppose to condition, restore, and enhances styling but in all honesty I didn't find that it did any of those things for me. I tried to use this product more then once and didn't find any results in any of the time I used it.

Full Size is worth $20.95 for 150ml and we got 50ml which is worth $7.00
Score: 1/5

The smell is t
he only thing pleasant about this product in my opinion!

2. Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes
These were pretty decent makeup wipes. I found that one wipe cleaned the whole face and removed most makeup. These weren't irritating to the skin but the smell did linger after cleaning.

Full Size is worth $3.99 and we got a full size.
Score: 3/5

These removed most of my makeup but the smell was very powerful and remained on my skin for sometime after using.

3. Kryolan Lipstick for Glossy Box
I was very surprised by this lipstick that Kryolan made for Glossy Box. It has a very creamy texture and didn't leave my lips feeling dry. The color is a really pretty dusty rose and the pigmentation is fantastic!

This was a special edition just for us Glossies!!

4. Kryolan Satin Powder
I love Kryolan as a brand and it's something we use in the industry a lot. The colors are very pigmented and you have to use a light hand with them but I love the finish and texture of this eye shadow

Full Size is worth $14.99 and we got a full size!
Score: 5/5

I love this color and how smooth it is to apply. It glides on effortlessly but you have to be careful not to pack on to much pigmentation cause you can get lots of fall out.

5. Befine Fine Food Skin Care
As I was opening this box I just couldn't believe how many packets of face care were coming out of it! It felt never ending and in total we got 5 samples within this one sample. I haven't tried any of these yet but I am really excited to try them!

Full size is worth between $24 to $30 depending on which product you buy.
Score: 5/5 Just based on the sample size!

5 different type of skin care in one box, doesn't get much better then that!

Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card and Elastplast SOS Blister

In total we got almost $60.00 in product for only $15.00. This is a box that just blew my away! 

If you want more information you can watch the YouTube review here:

Glossy Box - July

Hey Everyone!

 So my July Glossy Box finally got here it was a pretty good value even after waiting almost 2 months got it to get here! We got 6 samples in this box and three of them are full sized, BONUS.

1. Zoya Nail Polish in Zuza
 This nail polish was amazing! Easy to apply and was completely opaque in one coat, I added a second on to see if the color would change, the picture below was with two coats. It's a beautiful greenish teal color with sliver sparkles.

Full Size is worth $8.00 and we got a full sized product.
Score: 5/5

I love the formal, the color, it didn't chip at all, and how it went on it just two coats!

2. Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm
This comes out as a cream formula rubs in and leaves no greasy residue. It has shea butter and tea tree oil in it and I noticed a significant difference in the smoothness and hydration of my heels in just 2 days.

Full Size is 100ml and worth $20.00 and we got 30ml for a value of $6.00 .
Score: 4.5/5

I will definitively be buying a full size of this product. It's a great value for the size and the product works great!

3. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution
This product was so different to use then any other hair product I have ever tried, you have to shake it cause it has a dual action formula that has to be activated. It really did help me fight my frizz, I have very curly hair that always get's frizzy when it's humid outside. When I used it I didn't find that it my my hair feel greasy but absorbed well and fought frizz.

Full Size is 60ml and worth $14.99 and we got 24ml worth $6.00 of product.
Score: 4/5

I really like this product but I have stuff that works better on my hair so this isn't something I will be purchasing.

4. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer - Cherry
Hands down my new favorite lip smoothing product. I LOVED it so much that I've already gone out and bought two more colors. I now have Watermelon and Caramel. These have a very strong minty scent which I don't mind at all. They also add a very nice even pigment to the skin. The cherry one is a reddish huge but my favorite is Caramel is a beautiful orange nude color that I am in LOVE with!

There is no PIC cause I can't find the one I took! I'll add one later!

Full Size is worth $5.99 and we got a full size product.
Score: 5/5

AMAZING! These are so wonderful, they smell amazing and they really help add color to the lips while giving you moisture your lips need.

5. Dove Softening Creme Body Wash
This is thick and moisturizer full formula that made my skin feel amazing. It helped with my dryer areas, mostly on my arm. The smell is pleasant and not too strong and this didn't cause my skin to break out at all!

Full Size is worth $5.99 and we got a full size
Score: 5/5

If you have dry skin you have to try this! I love the packaging and the scent didn't linger on my skin which I like.

6. Beauty So Clean Wipes
I am a huge fan of this product and I always carry some of these in my kit for work. These are great for if you want to keep your makeup products Bactria free!

Full Size is worth $12.50 and comes with 48 wipes and we got 4 wipes worth $1.00 
Score: 4/5

I do love these but I don't like that we only got 4 of them to try!

In total we got $33.00 in product for only $15.00. Another great box from our friends at Glossy Box! 

If you want more information you can watch the YouTube review here:

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hot Pink Lips

Hey Everyone!

 So everyone knows that a HOT PINK lips is hands down my favorite type of lip and one of my friends challenged me to find 5 Hot Pink Lipsticks that I could love that were not MAC. In all honesty this was not easy for me because when I do a hot pink lip I always reach for my MAC, it took some time but I found 5 that I am really happy with. And then just for fun I added my top 5 favorite Pink MAC lipsticks!

 If you know of any other really good hot pink lipsticks please tell me about them!

Moxie: This is a Matte finish and comes off to me as a bright reddish pink. It's so smooth to apply and I find it gives great color pay off and has a long wear time.

Impassioned: This is an Amplified finish and is one of my favorite bright colors to wear. It is a fuchsia color which I find compliments most skin tones. 

Pink Nouveau: This is a Satin finish which makes it very creamy and easy to apply. It's a true medium pink with amazing color pay off. I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK!

Candy Yum Yum: This is the one lipstick I don't think I will ever stop talking about! MAC hit a home run when they came up with this amazing NEON pink hue. Don't be scared when you first see it because I can't lie it looks crazy but for whatever reason once you get it on, it's just stunning!

L'Oreal 145 Fearless Fuchsia: This is the pinker of the two L'Oreal fuchsia lipsticks I own. It has no sparkle or shimmer in it at all. The one thing I love about these lipsticks is they go on so smooth and they last for hours!

Guerlaine 165: This is the most sheer of all of my favorite pink lipsticks. It has a nice pink color to it but needs to be re-applied throughout the day. I use this when I want the bright pink lip without too much in your face!

Makeup Forever 36:  I said it in the video and I'll say it again, these lipsticks are more drying but the color they give is just amazing! This color is very close to Candy Yum Yum but I find it's a bit deeper pink color.

L'Oreal 138 Forever Fuchsia: This is the lipstick out of the two that has some shimmer in it as well as more of a purple tone. 

Wet and Wild 966 Don't Blink Pink: For a $3 lipstick this one is AMAZING! The pink is bright and the formula is long lasting and I didn't notice much feathering or bleeding! Great drug store choice for a bright lipstick.

Viva Glam Nicki: This is a Satin finish and is a very pretty coral pink color. It's not as true pink as some of the other but I had to add it in cause it's a beautiful color in itself.

Girl About Town: This is an Amplified finish and it is a very nice dark pink color. It stains like CRAZY so you have been warned! I wear this more at night because I find the color very dark for a day look. It doesn't look too dark in this photo but I applied it with my finger to blend it out more.

If that wasn't enough pink for one day go check out the video!

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 02, 2012


Hey Everyone!

 So I'm super excited to bring this awesome GIVEAWAY to you all today! As most of you know I've been a Julep Maven for a little over 6 months now and LOVE everything about getting my monthly nail polish box in the mail.

 So Julep contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in becoming a VIP Blogger and I jumped at the chance! Anytime I get the choice to work with an awesome company who makes great products I'm going to take it. So to kick start things off Julep is allowing me to giveaway one of their intro boxes, in your own personal style, and also giving me a code so if you don't wanna wait to see if you win or you don't win you can still get your first box for a PENNY!

So let's start with the photos of what Julep sent me to review for you guys.

This is Eva:

This is Sienna:

This is the Pedi Cream:

I loved both of these colors and I LOVE Julep as a whole and if you want to see more then watch the video!

So to get your first box for a PENNY go to this link

Then enter the code


 I'm also running a giveaway on that video so make sure to check it out! Anyway as always takes for taking the time to watch/read and I hope you fall in LOVE with Julep as much as I have!

Smiles and Sunshine!