Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Julep December Box and Extras

Hey Everyone!

 So for December Julep went with GLITTERS and as you all know I love me some Glitter so I was all over it!

Here is the whole collection!

Here's a picture of everything we got in the box:

I love when Julep adds things to my box that I wasn't expecting, it doesn't matter the value of these items it's just nice that they added something extra. In this box I got 5 of the one-step polish remover wipes.

There was an instant warming foot scrub for this month and this stuff is amazing! I love the way it feels as it warms up on my feet, plus my feet feel so smooth now.

The Break Down for Each Box:

It Girl:  

Harper, Vivien, and Ivy

American Beauty:

Patti and Julia

Boho Glam:
Jordan and Petra


Cindy and Hilary

Classic with a Twist:

Scarlet and Barbara
And here are the EXTRAS!!

The Pink Blossom Winter Collection!

Bottom Row: Jordan and Lily
Middle Row: Barbara and Isla
Top Row: Vivien

Watch the video!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Soap and Glory

 Hey Everyone!

 So I picked up this Soap and Glory  Small Wonders gift set at Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and I wanted to share it with you guys. It was $20 and you get 4 good try me sized products, a pink scrubby, and a beautiful box. This would make an amazing Christmas gift or just pick one up for yourself.

Let's start with the box! It's made from cardboard but it's pretty durable and it's not flimsy as all. The colours are bright and it really is just a stand out. I would just add a bow and give it to someone.

The Products:

Hand Food Hand Cream

 This is Soap and Glory's biggest seller! With macadamia oil, shea butter and marshmallow this is the most nourishing hand cream I have ever used. It seems so think when you get it out of the tube but as soon as you start rubbing it into your hands it just disappears. It absorbs into your skin leaving your hands feeling completely moisturized. 

The Righteous Body Butter

 This is n award winning product and that doesn't surprise me at all! This product also contains shea but also has aloe vera in it. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Use right after a bath or shower on damp skin.

The Scrub Of Your Life

 I think the thing I love the most abut this scrub is that it foams up so you don't feel like your scratching your skin. It has these pink coloured beads as well as little micro-beads that look like sugar that get the exfoliating job done but doesn't leave your skin feeling overly dry. 

Clean On Me

 This is the only product I haven't tried yet but they describe it as a creamy clarifying shower gel. It has mandarin peel extract and a built in body lotion.

The Pink Scrubby!

I think this set is such a great way to get to know the brand as well as see how you like it. The one thing I like best about Soap and Glory is that they keep the scent the same in all the products in the same lie, that way you don't end up layering on too many different scents. LOVE IT!

Wanna watch the video:

Hope you all are having a fantastic holiday!