Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School - Cheap Lip Gloss Finds

Hey Everyone!

 So with back to school around the corner and with some of you already being back I know most are looking for great products for less money. As most of you know my go to makeup for the most part is high end but I rediscovered something this month that I forgot I loved as much as I do.

 NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss is truly an amazing lip gloss for less. You can get these on their website for $5.50 which is an incredible buy if you ask me. The prices for these vary in store and I know at my look grocery store where they sell NYX these cost $8.99 which in all honesty is still an amazing deal. A MAC Lip Glass has 0.17 oz of product and sells for $15.00 (that's the US pricing but it's $18.00 Canadian!) and in the NYX gloss you are getting 0.53 oz of product, that is 3 times the product.

 In using these lip glosses I find the formula to be smooth and very pigmented, it's not sticky though and there for doesn't last very long. I get about two to three hours of wear before some fading occurs but I like reapplying my lip gloss so it doesn't bother me. They also have a very nice smell, it's very sweet, it almost smells like starburst candy to me.

 I've listed my absolute favorite colors from this line as well as pictures and swatches below, hope you enjoy!

159 Smokey Look is a peachy coral color with a slight hint of sparkle but it's not over whelming.

112 Frosted Beige is a beautiful beige color with lots of shimmer!

158 La La is a really bright pink color with shimmer in it. This really makes the lips pop! This one also smells a little more on the berry side to me and not as sweet as the others.

111 Lollipop is a coral orange color with lots of shimmer.

129 Beige is anything but beige! It is the prettiest medium pink color and has no shimmer in it at all!

Out of all of the above colors my most worn two are Beige, which I am on my second tube of and La La. Hope this post was informative and if you have any colors of this collection that you love that I didn't talk about please post them in the comments, I'd love to try them!

Smiles and Sunshine as always!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My search is over..............

I have found the one true love of my life!

CANDY YUM YUM is here!

So with MAC launching the By Request collection you know I was voting and PRAYING that they would re-launch Candy Yum Yum and sure enough my prayers have been answered! Before heading into all that I have to say I love the way a brand new tube of MAC lipstick smell when you first open it, that very first scent that escapes the tube when the lid pops off. Pure Perfection!

They re-launched Candy Yum Yum, Moxie, and Rocker and from what I understand Candy Yum Yum sold out in less then 10 hours and Moxie sold out in just a few days!

Candy Yum Yum    Moxie    Rocker

              Rocker   Moxie   Candy Yum Yum

So to be honest I had already picked up Dear Diary by MAC which launched with the Beth Ditto collection because someone had told me the color was very close. Sure enough it is almost a dead match but it's a different finish because it's a Pro Longwear finish. 

Dear Diary  Candy Yum Yum

I have to tell you guys it feels like my life goal is finally complete and my search for the most amazing lipstick is over....................don't be worried though my readers this in no way means that I won't buying anymore lipstick cause that would just be crazy! 

Smiles and Sunshine!


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Hey Everyone!

 Lately I have become obsessed with BLUSH! These are just few Rimmel blushes I found at Target on clearance that I was super impressed with and also some BOURJOIS blushers that I am loving!

So for anyone that doesn't know BOURJOIS was a brand that was carried at Sephora until a couple years back when I started to notice they didn't have it anymore, I loved their eyeliners! At that point to be honest I kind of forgot all about the brand but I was in my local Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and they had a whole section in the beauty boutique (our shoppers in Canada are split into two make sections, one for drug store and the beauty boutiques which are for the high end products). I was super excited and started playing with EVERYTHING but found myself coming back to their blushers. I picked  up the three I couldn't bring myself to put down.

The first two of these blushers are more on the shimmery side which I don't mind at all and the last one in the pic is far more matter. All three of these are super pigmented and very smooth when applied and bendable which is a huge plus. I've heard people compare these to the Chanel blushers but these are a fraction of the price! The names on most of their products are in French and I'm guessing that's because it's a French company.

03 Brun Cuivre

34 Rose D'Or

74 Rose Ambre

And here are the three all side by side:

03           34         74

Out of all the colors they had at the store theses were the three I liked the most but just to let you know there were a few that when I swatched them the color pay off just wasn't there so if your interested in buying there please test them before hand!

On to the Rimmel blushes which I have to say for a drug store blush they really stood out to me. I found these very pigmented and easy to use. So many times with drug store blushes I find that you get no color pay off or you get them on your cheeks and they don't blend at all!

I don't like they way that Rimmel named these blushes and for the most part the name doesn't even come close to matching the color so I'll try and make that a little less confusing for you, I almost didn't buy one of them cause they called it Mauve and it's the most amazing peach color.

006 Autumn Catwalk
This one is the triple color blush and after playing with it I liked all the colors on their own but the color it makes when you swril all three together is just so pretty!

The med pink color on the far end is all three mixed together, I love it!

002 Mauve Cool  is the first swatch and the name couldn't be more wrong! It the most beautiful peachy color with shimmer!

The Middle swatch is 018 Pink Sorbet and the last one is 003 Pink Rose.

I think that is the hardest part of buying drug store blushes because you don't get to try them before you buy them and sometimes names can be very deceiving!

Well I hope this was informative and help you guys out a little! Thanks for reading and if you want more information check out the video:

Smiles and Sunshine,