Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lipstick Spotlight - L'Oreal

Hey Everyone!

 So I have had a love over some of the colours from L'Oreal's lipstick lines but have never been able to convince myself to buy one, well today that day has come! I was in the US picking up some packages and I decided to stop by Walgreen's seeing as we don't have one in the Vancouver area and they were having a sale buy one get one 50% off so how could I not pick some up.

I got two different formula's the Colour Richie and Infallible and so far I am find that the Infallible is very smooth and has a slight sheen to it. Different from the Colour Richie because it seems to be more dry when I applied them both on my lips and on my arms for the swatches.

Here are the Colours and pictures!

121 Perennial Pink:

138 Forever Fuchsia:

145 Fearless Fuchsia:

479 Coral Seduction:

And the swatches!

121, 145, 138, 479

350 British Red (Top) and 410 Volcanic (Bottom)

So overall I do like these lipsticks there's nothing amazing about them and if the colours I thought I'd love (if you have seen the ad for L'Oreal Colour Richie 410 Volcanic, it looks like she is wearing the most amazing orange colour) didn't turn out to be as amazing as I thought they would. Will I use these? Of course, they are easy to apply and photograph very well but I was left wanting more! More colour that is!

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