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These are the questions I seem to get asked a lot on YouTube. If you have something else you want to know, use my YouTube "TanyaTalksMakeUp" comments to ask! 

1. Where did your love of makeup come from?
To be honest, I have no idea! I didn't grow up loving makeup, in fact in high school I rarely ever wore any. It was around my 24 birthday when I started getting into makeup and not until I turned 26 did I know that I wanted to be a makeup artist. Maybe it was because I was just to busy being a mom but now I truly love what I do! 

2. Did you go to school?
I studied at Blanche MacDonald right here in Vancouver, BC. It was the experience of a lifetime and I got to meet and learn from so many industry greats! 

If you want to be a makeup artist I highly recommend going to school for it, makeup artistry is an always learning process, you never know it all. Watching other people and how they do things is something I could never pt a price on, I have grown so much as an artist from what I learn from my time in school.

3. What do you do for work/job?
I work as a full time mom, I have said from day 1 that makeup is my hobby and my passion but my kids are my life and always come first. I freelance  mostly when I have time and can fit it in. I do everything from Fashion Shows, Bridal to working a Movies and TV. 

4. Which camera do you use to take your pictures and what do you use to film videos?
I use a Nikon D3000, Canon Rebel T4i and I also have a Canon Vixia HFR20 camcorder. I use all three of these in different ways for different reasons. If you'd like to see a video on why and how I use each of these let me know!  

5. How many kids do you have? 
I have two amazing and wonderful little boys, Logan is born in 2003 and Paxton in 2011. 

6. What are your favorite makeup brands?
I love MAC and maybe it's because it was the first real brand of makeup I ever bought but it is and will probably always be my favorite. The rest are pretty much all over the place NARS, Make Up Forever, Hard Candy, Wet and Wild and Sugar Pill to name a few. 

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