Thursday, November 19, 2015

TOO FACED Palette Collection!

Hey Everyone!

So today I want to walk you through my Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette collection. I don't own them all but the ones I do I really love! All Too Faced shadows are pigmented and easy to blend, some are more powdery then others but nothing that can't be worked with. I recommend any of the ones I talk about below and if you have any others that are must haves for you let me know in the comments, I'd love to try them out! 

Let's start with the Country palette which has become one of my most used. The colours in this palette work beautifully together to create so many beautiful and fun eye looks. You can do everything with this palette from a complete everyday natural look to a fun pop of colour using the blue and purple shades. I also love the names of the shadows in this Palette, the larger three shades are named after amazing female country singers most famous songs and then you have the classic country names like Dolly, Y'all and of course the Bluebird.

The details on the front of this palette are so cute, from the rope in heart shapes to the pink colouring. 

The inside showing all the shades.

Swatches Right to Left: Cowboy Take Me Away (Matte), 
Famous in a Small Town (Shimmer), and
All American Girl (Metallic)

Swatches Top to Bottom: Paper Roses (Shimmer), 
Dolly (Glitter Flecks), and Y'all (Metallic)

Swatches Top to Bottom: Bluebird (Glitter Flecks), 
Nashville (Metallic), and Rhinestone (Shimmer)

Next up we have the A La Mode palette, which was a summer launch and the colours inside are summer favourites of mine for sure! This palette has a stunning Pink and Copper eyeshadow shade that are two of my must have eyeshadows of all time.

As always Too Faced delivered on the packaging. I love the blend of pink and orange, 
with the pop of blue. So Pretty! 

As you can see right off the top the inside of this palette really pops. So many bright colours to work with and so many beautiful colours stand out! 

Swatches Top to Bottom: St. Tropez (Glitter Flecks), 
Riviera (Satin), and La Croisette (Metallic)

Swatches Top to Bottom: Jardin (Shimmer),
Soleil (Shimmer), and Cannes (Shimmer).

Swatches Top to Bottom: De La Mer (Matte), 
Monaco (Satin), and Cote d'Azur (Metallic).

Onto the Boudoir Eyes palette, which is the perfect palette for anyone who likes sexy and smokey eyes! This palette has some gorgeous natural shades but throws in a amazing Taupe, a matte Grey and a beautiful almost Black with gold shimmer colour! 

The packaging literally looks like a tufted head board and I have always wanted one of those. 
This palettes packaging for me is the classiest of all the ones I own!

As you can see the Taupe colour, Lap Dance, is by far my favourite in this palette and has a nice sized dent in it. Did I also say that the names on all these colours are beyond amazing. Garter Belt, Lap Dance, Fuzzy Handcuffs........

Swatches Top to Bottom: Birthday Suit (Satin), 
Satin Sheets (Metallic), and In The Buff (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Sugar Walls (Satin), 
 Voulez-Vous (Satin), and Fuzzy Handcuffs (which is a very hard to see peachy Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: French Tickler (Glitter), 
Lap Dance (Metallic), and Garter Belt (Matte).

Onto the Natural Eyes palette, which is the most everyday wearable palette for the average person. I find the colours in this one to almost all be in the Brown toned family, don't get me wrong some of my most beautiful looks using this palette. I love the Gold and the Rose Gold, hands down my two favourite eyeshadows of all time. 

This packaging always makes me think Romance, from the soft colours to the roses! 

I love the layout of this palette, it has 4 matte shades and 5 shimmer/satin shades 
and all of them work really well together. 

Swatches Top to Bottom: Nudie (Matte),
Silk Teddy (Satin) and Heaven (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Push Up (Satin),
Honey Pot (Satin) and Cashmere Bunny (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Sexspresso (Matte)
Chocolate Martini (Glitter) and Erotica (Satin).

The Romantic Eye palette is the only original packaging Too Faced palette I have. It's not the tin, it's made of cardboard but it's held up over a long time. This one also has the most unique colours in it. 

Like I said, interesting colour mix right? The green gold, the deep purple, 
the matte grey. Separate they don't look like much, but create a look with 
them and you feel different!

Swatches Top to Bottom: Bouquet Toss (Matte),
Kiss the Bride (Matte) and Soulmates (Glitter).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Honeymoon (Glitter),
Un-Veil (Matte) and I Do (Matte).

Swatches Top to Bottom: Ever After (Satin), 
Honeymoon (Satin), and First Dance (Matte).

As you can see I have almost all the Too Faced palettes and I even have a few more then this but got them after I posted this. If you would like me to do full reviews and swatches of the other ones feel free to let me know in the comments. 

Too Faced palettes are some of the best quality eyeshadows you can get. They lay out great colour combinations and make it easy for the beginner in makeup but also give so many colour choices that even us makeup pros can have a lot of fun with their palettes. 

Final thoughts if you don't own at least one of these, you need to!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

* NEW * BH Cosmetics Pop Art Lipsticks!

Hey Everyone!

  I recently saw Shaaanxo do a video on these and got super excited, I love a pigmented bright lip colour almost as much as I love my kids! I got 5 of the colours from this line and could not be happier with almost all of them. All of these go on really smooth and aren't patchy at all, the formula of these is done really well. 

The packaging on these lipsticks is HOT PINK and it's amazing, it has a glossy finish so it doesn't show finger prints. I don't think I know of any other lipsticks that have a line in all HOT PINK packaging. 

This is Zoink and I wanted this to be the perfect nude colour for me but unfortunately it made me look like I had concealer all over my lips. They swatch on my hand seemed so peachy and pretty but once it was on it totally washed me out. * SAD FACE *

Pop was one of my favourites of the ones I got, I'm really into these soft coral/oranges recently and headed into Fall I know I won't get much use out of them but I'm loving them. This one is a beautiful creamy almost matte finish, it looks amazing on my lips! 

Pow is a deeper and brighter version of Pop and it's up there on my favourites list. It's a beautiful orange with just a hint of red and surprisingly doesn't make my teeth look overly yellow. 

Bang is the kind of colour you wear when you want everyone to look at your lips, it's the perfect neon matte. Reminds me a lot of Candy Yum Yum but not matte, it has a slight shine to it but it's not overly glossy. 

Last but defiantly not least is Slam which is a beautiful pinky red and I am in love with it. This is almost always my go to colour for life but I really love the balance of pink and red in this one.

If you want more information or to watch the live swatches you can watch the video: