Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School - Cheap Lip Gloss Finds

Hey Everyone!

 So with back to school around the corner and with some of you already being back I know most are looking for great products for less money. As most of you know my go to makeup for the most part is high end but I rediscovered something this month that I forgot I loved as much as I do.

 NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss is truly an amazing lip gloss for less. You can get these on their website for $5.50 which is an incredible buy if you ask me. The prices for these vary in store and I know at my look grocery store where they sell NYX these cost $8.99 which in all honesty is still an amazing deal. A MAC Lip Glass has 0.17 oz of product and sells for $15.00 (that's the US pricing but it's $18.00 Canadian!) and in the NYX gloss you are getting 0.53 oz of product, that is 3 times the product.

 In using these lip glosses I find the formula to be smooth and very pigmented, it's not sticky though and there for doesn't last very long. I get about two to three hours of wear before some fading occurs but I like reapplying my lip gloss so it doesn't bother me. They also have a very nice smell, it's very sweet, it almost smells like starburst candy to me.

 I've listed my absolute favorite colors from this line as well as pictures and swatches below, hope you enjoy!

159 Smokey Look is a peachy coral color with a slight hint of sparkle but it's not over whelming.

112 Frosted Beige is a beautiful beige color with lots of shimmer!

158 La La is a really bright pink color with shimmer in it. This really makes the lips pop! This one also smells a little more on the berry side to me and not as sweet as the others.

111 Lollipop is a coral orange color with lots of shimmer.

129 Beige is anything but beige! It is the prettiest medium pink color and has no shimmer in it at all!

Out of all of the above colors my most worn two are Beige, which I am on my second tube of and La La. Hope this post was informative and if you have any colors of this collection that you love that I didn't talk about please post them in the comments, I'd love to try them!

Smiles and Sunshine as always!

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