Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My search is over..............

I have found the one true love of my life!

CANDY YUM YUM is here!

So with MAC launching the By Request collection you know I was voting and PRAYING that they would re-launch Candy Yum Yum and sure enough my prayers have been answered! Before heading into all that I have to say I love the way a brand new tube of MAC lipstick smell when you first open it, that very first scent that escapes the tube when the lid pops off. Pure Perfection!

They re-launched Candy Yum Yum, Moxie, and Rocker and from what I understand Candy Yum Yum sold out in less then 10 hours and Moxie sold out in just a few days!

Candy Yum Yum    Moxie    Rocker

              Rocker   Moxie   Candy Yum Yum

So to be honest I had already picked up Dear Diary by MAC which launched with the Beth Ditto collection because someone had told me the color was very close. Sure enough it is almost a dead match but it's a different finish because it's a Pro Longwear finish. 

Dear Diary  Candy Yum Yum

I have to tell you guys it feels like my life goal is finally complete and my search for the most amazing lipstick is over....................don't be worried though my readers this in no way means that I won't buying anymore lipstick cause that would just be crazy! 

Smiles and Sunshine!


Watch The Video!

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