Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Julep Box - Oct

Happy Halloween!

Well it's almost Halloween and my kids (well only really one of my kids but he get's the other one all worked up) are already driving me nuts about it! Halloween is huge in our family and we got all out so of course when Julep came out with crackle boxes I was super excited  Crackle just seems spooky to me and the colors were amazing!

When I first opened my box I just thought it looks so amazing with all the orange and fall like colors! I did get an add on box but I haven't gotten it yet so I don't have pictures of them yet, as soon I get it I will edit this post.

I got two polishes in this box the first one is Sabrina, my first thought was Sabrina the teenage witch, this is the most amazing orange color crackle. It looks really pretty over a few colors including the blue I also got in this box.

The second color I got was Eloise which is a beautiful medium blue color. It covers in one coat but I add a second one to get more color and everyone was asking me all week what colors I was wearing!

We also got these really cool quick dry drops and I have to say these have saved my life! I always do my nail polish before bed because with two kids that is the only time I can find to paint my nails. So I would paint my nails and then crawl into bed and go to sleep for the night and then of course wake up in the morning and my nails would be smudge and just look awful. With these drops I can just do my nails and add a drop and like magic they are dry! I am so in love with these, THANKS Julep!

The last thing we got in this box were these two jars of nail glitter! They came in Black and Orange and they are so pretty! I will be using these this week when I go my actual Halloween nails......stay tuned for pics on my instragram!

Add Ons!

So I got three add on with this box the first one is Hermione which is a creamy white crackle, Caroline which is Red wine color with red sparkle, and the last color is Leslie which is grayish black with sliver sparkles.

Watch the video:

Thanks for reading guys and have a Happy Halloween!

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