Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Special Little Treat......

My small DIOR haul!

So it's been a rough week, truthfully it's been a rough month and I needed some retail relaxation. I went to the mall looking for items from the new Lancome Show collection but got pulled to the DIOR counter. The blush/bronzer duo has been something I've been talking myself out of getting for over a month and I finally gave it.

Coral Glow:

Let's start with DIOR packaging cause it in itself is a work of art. Each item comes in it's own velvet wrapper and then when you take that off you have this very sleek looking metal compact. It has a a pattern on the top and then when you open it the mirror is the whole one side of the compact, it's a nice size. Before I talk about the colour this also came with a very nice blush brush which for the price is a nice addition. 

Onto the colour first let's talk about the bronzer side because I love it! It's not a dark colour or a too orange colour, it looks perfect on my very fair skin and I love that DIOR didn't make the darker colour of the two unwearable. The blush side is as gorgeous as you think it would be, it is the most beautiful coral flush and looks amazing on. It looks very natural and really helps to wake up the skin. 

This product is hands down worth every cent you pay for it, DIOR also has a pink one but I found the pink too light for my skin tone.

I had a buy $70 and get $10 off coupon so I had to get something else so I also got one of the new Dior Addict new summer colour lipsticks. The colour I got was 771 which is a very nice medium pink colour.

The packaging again is just amazing! When the light hits it it becomes different colours, it's beautiful to look at. And the lipstick it self is a very moisturizing formula and has a very nice colour pay off. It's a very nice medium pink colour and wears for about 4 hours before needing to be reapplied. 

You guys know I'm not big on higher end makeup, I offend find that you can get just as nice stuff at the drugstore but sometimes it's just nice to treat yourself and get something a little extra special!

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